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Alittle About Mr. Quezada

Mr. Quezada is a Robstonian. This is his second year at San Pedro and second year teaching. Mr. Quezada teaches Science, Math and Social Studies. 
He has a Chihuahua named Zuko who is 4 years old. 
Mr. Quezada's favorite hobbies are reading, painting and gaming. His favorite colors are tints and shades of blue. 
He loves to shop on Amazon with eBay coming in at a close second. You might find Mr. Quezada snacking on his favorite snack, Pecan Shortbread Cookies. 
His favorite book is Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler and his favorite movie is Interstellar.
His favorite quote is "Finite- to fail, but infinite to Venture" written by Mr. Quezada's favorite poet, Emily Dickinson.
You might share your birthday with Mr. Quezada which is September 14! 
If Mr. Quezada had a walk up song it would be"I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister and "Beat It" by Michael Jackson.
Mr. Quezada's bucket list includes: skydiving, to visit the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, and Tour the Louvre Museum. 
Mr. Quezada wants you to know he looks forward to working with our students to have a successful school year. 
Mr. Quezada is a teacher who rises up to challanges when asked. This year Mr. Quezada is a UIL Coach for Number Sense. San Pedro Fine Arts Academy is happy to have such a passionate teacher for our our campus.