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Alittle About Ms. Tanner

Ms. Tanner is from Ingleside, Texas. She has been teaching for 27 years! She has been with Robstown ISD for 5 years. This year she will be one of our first grade teachers. 
Ms. Tanner has 2 handsome grown sons and 4 dogs! They are all girls and are all rescues whom she loves and adores. Their names are Thatee, Prissy, Dotty and No Trouble. No Trouble found her house one day when Ms. Tanner was having her trees trimmed. No Trouble made it into the carport and found the doggy door. She moved right in. She is a pup and is very energetic. All of Ms. Tanners other dogs are fairly old and do not like No Trouble because she just wants to play. Ms. Tanner started saying here comes trouble when she would jump on the bed! Ms. Tanner says no trouble so often, her pups name became No Trouble!
Ms. Tanner's favorite hobbies are gardening and tending to plants. Her son is a plant scientist so Ms. Tanner receives all kinds of good plants and council.
Ms. Tanner loves to eat at New Taiwan. Her favorite colors are peach, tan and green. She loves to shop at Lowes. You will find Ms. Tanner snacking on her favorite snack- cashews. Her favorite book is the Bible and her favorite movie is The Color Purple. 
Maybe you might celebrate her birthday which is on November 20th! If Ms. Tanner had a walk up song it would be "I think its time for me to run."
Three things on Ms. Tanner's bucket list are: Learn Spanish, visit the ancient ruins and visit Easter Island.
Ms. Tanner's favorite quote is "Character is who you are when no one is looking."
Ms. Tanner wants you to know she LOVES FIRST GRADE!! Thank you Ms. Tanner for your devotion to our students!